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 Recent postings included are the Progmeister's blog a review of The wicked new album by The Tangent, COMM, Alan Reed's Dancing With Ghosts EP,The superb new Manning album Margret's Children, latest books and DVD's + More! Check it out
  Tell me whats happening in the world of prog so we can spread the word! Register now and become part of things. Have your say about all things Prog and beyond.


Welcome to Progmeister.com, home of The Teesside Progmeister. This is a  site aimed at the lovers of progressive rock music. A place to share your opinion and news about new bands or just simply reminice about better times when we all used to wear Lune's, Tank tops and platform soles.
Apart from the many bands that have already been discussed in great detail in other very elaborate, excellent sites, Progmiester.com is also the home of many other forms of adult orientated music and
is were you can post your comments, recommendation's and news of events, new bands and albums.
Apart from a long list of original bands like Pink Floyd, E.L.P., Genesis, Camel, Caravan, Yes, King Crimson etc, The new generation of progressive bands like IQ, Combination Head, Pendragon, Porcupine Tree, Spocks Beard, Wobbler, Glasshammer etc also have a home here.
Like many 40 and 50 somethings The Progmiester finds it hard to accept that progressive rock music is by far the most critisised and put down of all musical genre's. IT'S OK TO LIKE PROG ROCK!!!! REALLY! When all other musical forms are considered especially more contempory style's, prog has a lot to offer. Have a look at the reviews, they may be something there you would like.  Be part of things and let us know your views. Use the forum to inform of events or new albums etc. Report on gigs or just share views.

Let the dance begin.         

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