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9/28/2010 8:30:49 AM

I was shocked recently by a comment made to me in an email from an online forum.  I had joined the forum to share the views of others with regard to hi-fi and related subjects.  It wasn’t long before the subject of music was broached and therefore prog. 



Assault via e-mail is the way I would describe it.  I was frustrated to say the least to witness such bigotry and amazed that it still exists with regard to modern progressive music.  On mentioning bands like IQ, Pendragon and Combination Head I was informed that “Prog rock in its day was good, however, the originals cannot be bettered and everything else is but an imitation”.


I was very quick to remove myself and distance myself from the forum and its Masonic tendencies and was more determined than ever to champion the virtues of new materiel from both new and well established artistes


Of course we are all entitled to our opinion, though I am sometimes surprised with just how venomous prog music can be spoken about even by the musicians themselves.  There are numerous genres of music that I just don’t fully appreciate but I don’t feel the need to be damning towards them. There’s enough room for everyone methinks.



In these times of x-factor and cyber-musicians I think a little retro music is just what we need.  Taking a look recently Caerllsi music website there is so much to choose from.  Unlike many I think these are exciting times with lots of interesting bands and musicians recording albums that not only rival the standards of the seventies but in many ways actually better them. So many people out there listen to there hi-fi and stop listening to the music being played on them. That is not meant as a generalisation as i am sure there are many who have managed to get the balance right.



I never did reply to my dissenter, though, baring in mind some of the things that he had written I would like to take the opportunity and qote Nick Barrett of Pendragon who shouted very loudly at the recent High Voltage Festival “Only Prog can save us now”.  You know what?  He may well be right.



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