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4/15/2010 6:15:12 AM
Work, it's the scurge of the music listening classes don't you think? Been trying to write something now for weeks and kept getting scuppered by work. I have been very fortunate lately to have been given quite a few discs to listen to, and amongst the fodder i found some prog gems. My reviewing quil is at the ready and it will be in full flight later today. I'll let you know my view on at least two of the recent findings. Firstly, thanks to Alf for the discs and to Norfolk Tom for the cattle prod type jolt i so needed to sit at the computer and work.
Of the large mound of discs that i listened my way through this past few weeks i have been smitten by four of them. The afore mentioned and reviewed Leap Day, Gothenburg's finest "Simon Says", Yak (Totally magnificent), Karfagen and RPWL's last album "God Has Failed".
I have to dmit that i was e-mailed some tracks of Simon Says a while ago from special agent Cozmo  down South. I didn't give them enough attention until the hard copy was listened to repeatedly in the car and i was hooked. All in all it's a great time for prog with the high profile classic rock magazine PROG, recent television documentaries and of course some fabulous dedicated sites on the net. (not least this one). 
I have received numerous favourable comments about the new Nick Magnus albums via e-mail to the site. It really is a prog masterpiece. I would just like to mention two excellent resources for prog music, discs,vinyl etc. One of them being CD SERVICES in Dundee and the other being CAERLLYSI MUSIC in Wales. These guys really are a fountain of prog and i would urge you to sound them out. Their links can be found on the obvious page.
A little bird told me that the Peter Gabriel gig at the O2 was nothing short of spectacular. Please let me know your thoughts if you attended. The Genesis France weekend looks like a great event at the end of May especially for Steve Hackett fans. I fear the dreaded work thing may prevent me from attending so a full report from anyone that does would be great. Not long now till the High Voltage festival in London. Yes indeed, it's a good year for prog. There are some great bands out there too keeping the legacy of Genesis,Yes,Pink Floyd,E.L.P,Camel etc alive and in my opinion more in vogue than it has ever been.

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