How to Date a Single Ukrainian Girl

Dating is a kind of special procedure that every successful relationship undergoes. This is the period when you court a woman, get to know her better and open up to her, and make plans for the future. If you realize that you two are absolutely compatible, you keep working on your relationship until you end up tying the knot. Although dating is considered to be the primary stage of any relationship, there is the stage or sometimes the moment that precedes dating. This is the stage of approaching or meeting a woman you liked. If you think that there are some differences in meeting and dating women who belong to different cultures, you’re right. If you’re reading this article, you must be interested in how one should date single Ukrainian girls. We will get there soon but firstly let’s consider possible ways of meeting Ukrainian brides

Approaching Single Ukrainian Ladies

The most plausible way of meeting Ukrainian women is through the online dating sites. If you believe that a Ukrainian girl will make a perfect wife for you but you don’t plan a trip to Ukraine in the nearest future, you may try to build a long-distance relationship online. In this case, approaching will mean writing to her first. Your first letter should get her interested in you and make a good impression on her. The most common technique is to start with a compliment. However, it’s the first idea that springs to every man’s mind that’s why you need to be more original. If you decide to compliment a Ukrainian woman, be precise and sincere. For example, comment her photo complimenting her great posture and ask whether she does yoga. This way, you’ll not only compliment her but also initiate a conversation. Since Ukrainian girls have a good sense of humor and by looking through the profile of a particular Ukrainian girl you realize she is funny, start your chat by a joke. Write the beginning of a joke and wait for her reaction. Her curious mind and sense of humor will make her offer her version of the punch line. Any reply can be viewed as her readiness to chat with you, so tell the whole story and go on your conversation. Remember that by sending a single “hi” you take the risk of not getting a response from her, so be more precise in your opening letter.

If you have an opportunity to go to Ukraine, be it a business trip or your vacation, you may wonder where and how you should approach Ukrainian ladies in real life. It’s OK if you come up to a girl in the street or in the park to ask the way. If she speaks English, she won’t lose the chance to practice it a bit chatting with you. She may wonder why you came to Ukraine. Tell her you’re here on business or as a tourist and avoid telling her you want to find a wife in Ukraine – it will make her think you’re just after girls. If she’s not very busy, offer her to have a drink at the nearest café. It may turn out that she’s got a boyfriend and this is where the advantage of online Ukrainian dating comes to light – when you write to a particular woman you know that she is single and looking for a serious relationship (that’s the reason she’s registered on the Ukrainian dating site). If you like going to the night clubs you can meet some girls there. But if noisy clubs are not your cup of tea and you want to find a woman who shares your preferences, try to visit other places such as shopping malls, bookstores, street festivals, or exhibitions. Wherever you approach a Ukrainian girl, be polite and friendly – manners are always admired by Ukrainian ladies.

Dating Tips

If you managed to get a Ukrainian woman interested in you and she agreed to go out on a date with you, here are some tips that will help you overcome cultural differences, make a good impression on your woman, and secure a second date.

Choose a romantic venue. All women love romance and Ukrainian girls are not an exception. When deciding where to ask your Ukrainian date, choose a romantic place. It can be an outdoor date in the old part of a city or in the botanic garden among the blossoming trees and flowers. If it’s a cold season, an indoor date in the planetarium or at the theater will be a good option. Make sure that your date consists of two parts: certain activity and dining at a restaurant. Since Ukrainians rarely eat out, avoid asking your date to a fancy restaurant – she’ll feel uncomfortable there. Go to a cozy romantic café in a beautiful area instead.

Bring flowers. In the Western countries flowers on a date are optional but in Ukraine they’re a must. They symbolize your romantic intentions and admiration, so if you want to please your date, bring her a nice bouquet. Keep in mind that according to Ukrainian cultural norms it should contain the odd number of flowers. That’s why don’t be surprised at the florist’s.

Look good. As a mature person, you must understand that grooming is necessary before your date. You should dress sharp and smell good in order to make a good impression on your date. Don’t dress up but make sure your clothes are clean and ironed and your shoes are polished.

Radiate confidence. Ukrainian women are strong personalities and they like strong and confident men. Speak in a confident voice and mind your posture (straighten your shoulders, move without any trace of haste).

Create the right ambiance. As a man, you should set the tone for the whole date and keep it throughout the evening. It means that you should add some humor to break the ice, introduce new subjects, entertain your date so that she won’t feel bored, and keep a friendly atmosphere in which both of you will feel comfortable.

Be gallant. Chivalry is not dead in the 21st century and if you date a Ukrainian girl, you should behave as a true gentleman to win her heart. It means you should open the door for her and let her go first, offer her your arm while walking, help her take her coat off, pull out a chair for her, and pay for dinner.

Avoid certain topics. Dating is all about getting to know each other, not gossiping about your past relationships. That’s why don’t ask her about her exes and don’t tell your sad stories, especially on a first date. Also, you should know that talking about sex is not acceptable in Ukrainian society, so avoid any sex-related topics in order not to embarrass your date and spoil the things.

Be yourself. If you’re on a date with a beautiful Ukrainian woman, enjoy her company and don’t try to show off or pretend. She agreed to go out with you because you already impressed her during your first meeting. She expects to see the same great guy she’s been dating online or just met yesterday in the local park or shopping mall.

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