Return of The Progmeister!

Many years ago shortly after Peter Gabriel left Genesis he decided that he wanted to simply retreat and grow cabbages. It was always something that stuck in my mind not realising at the time what on Earth would make someone feel that way. shortly after i staged Promeister2 i had the same epiphany. I became so dissolutioned with some many things and aspects of my life that i started to re-think things a little and cultivated similar feelings as Mr Gabriel did all those years ago.

The organisation in which i had worked for over thirty years began to sap my energy. My view of many things and people around me began to change and i really became tired, angry, disappointed, self loathing, weary and in need to retreat. Which is exactly what i did. Myself and lovely lady moved to a semi rural location tucked well out of the way. Family tragedy after tragedy left me little time to post reviews or blog comments which i humbly aplogise for especially to those who sent me discs and files for review. I have failed you! and for that i apologise.

Having always been a strong person, my mum’s recent dignosis of aggresive lung cancer and the demand of multinple factors both emotionally and politically, I have found that affordng concentation to honest review, comment and opinion  have been  very difficult. Mum is at the moment very ill indeed and i was all set to close Progmeister down until i recieved numerous communique indicating the reverance of Progmeister reviews and my ego was kicked sharply back into life.

The truth of the matter is that i didn’t think people give a damn. It turns out that the Progmeister review policy has a lot of clout. I have to repeat the reason behind our no negative review policy. Having been a musician and lyricist i know of the devastating effects that negative press can give. This does not however mean that all things that fail to be reviewed are poor. It may simply mean that they do not meet with our criteria.

This is  the return of the Progmeister. I am now able to give full attention to the review  process and all that goes with them. I have also added an other music catagory as i feel we need to expand. I will also be reivewing hifi equiptment in the coming weeks as this is something that i have always been interested in and passionate about. As far as future Progmeister festivals are concerned i would at this stage consider doubtful, though who knows what may happen in the future? It is far too soon to tell. For now it is important to keep things ticking over and building momentum again. Mr Banks et al seem to have everything covered with Celebr8 and of course the evergreen summers end festival too.

Thank you to those who remain faithful and read my endevours and to those that have grown bored and frustrated, please revisit Progmeister and feel free to contribute your views and recommendations and hopefully return to the fold. I site key people in my decision to continue with Progmeister , Paul Birchall (Birchy) Sally Collyer, Andy Tillison, Brendan Eyre,Tony Patterson, Steve Tyson and my two sons, Tommy and Jimmi whom i  consider to be a huge influence in my life both musically and spiritually. I owe them a great deal of gratitued.

To those wishing to submit albums for review please contact me at as the contact address has now changed. To Progmeister friends in Syria my heart and spirit is with you in these dark times. Remember, music transends all.

My love to you all


The Progmeister.

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