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On the strength of this, their debut album Italian band Dropshard looks as if they could in time be joining the ranks of the Italian prog cognisenti alongsides of PFM and Le Orme as a major progressive band.

For this their fist album the band have recorded a thirty five minute, eight pardt song cycle "Anywhere But Home". For fans of progressive metal this album should tick all the boxes with it's choral vocal passages, strident and interesting riffs, excellent and guitar/keyboard interplay and soloing throughout.

There are some lovely etheral keyboard textures which add an otherworldy feel and depth to the songs. The band have a stellarvocalist in Enrico Scanu, he sings with passion and has a clarity in his voice which is lacking in so many bands theses days.

The concept of the album is based on a theme that we are all searching for something that we may feel is unobtainable, when all the time what we are wanting could be staring us in the face.

A must for fans of Porcupine Tree, Dream Theatre and other classic rock acts such as Rush and Judas Priest.

Sonic Vista Music SVRCD017. Available as CD or download.
Total Playing Time 40:02
Release date - February 15th 2011.

JWGodbluff  2011

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Mr Smith
2/13/2011 11:59:02 AM
Dropshards new album
Truly wonderful.. gets better with every listen
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