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4/7/2011 10:56:55 AM

Having listened extensively to Tony Patterson’s new EP “All The World” I thought I would track him down and see if I could press him on a few issues. Here’s what he had to say……


PM. Hi Tony, good to see you again. What inspired the change in direction whilst writing songs for your latest EP "All The World"?


TP. I wanted to do something different. It's as simple as that really.My last album was an instrumental album. I always viewed it as the soundtrack to a film that hasn't been made yet. With the new EP, I wanted to write 'songs',concentrating on melody rather than 'soundscapes'.


PM. Did you enjoy working with an orchestra again whilst recording "All The World" and "Until The End"?


TP. The Oban Session Orchestra did a fantastic job!


PM. What was your motivation for including an orchestra?


TP. I love Orchestral music. I love the way it enhances rock and pop music. I've worked with Orchestral music in the past writing for music libraries etc,. I even got a chance to conduct the BBC Concert Orchestra back in 2006!


PM. Tell me a bit more about how the songs were put together?


TP. The genesis (sorry) of the songs happened with just me and a Piano. They started out very raw and then I just built everything else around them.


PM. Tell me about Spiral.


TP. It's a song about negative emotions and what can come from them. One day I found myself alone in the house and getting very reflective and wistful. It's a song about  a half-empty glass, but by the end the glass is half-full.


PM. Which other musician's were involved with the project?


TP. I did get Norman Glover in on guitar on one track but that particular track never made it to the EP. I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere though.


PM. Mystic City, Newcastle Upon Tyne or indeed a mystic city?


TP. It's yet another anti-drugs song. I did a similar thing on 'Barriers' with the track "Deep into the Night". I've never really understood why someone would want to lose control through drug use. It's something that has never appealed to me. Mind you, some people have asked if I was on drugs when I wrote the track!


PM. I instantly identified with "Celebrate The Sun". Is this perhaps auto-biographic?


TP. No, not at all. I think it's the old hippie in me coming out.


PM. The new EP is released in May. In which formats/media will it be available?


TP. For now, it's download only. It will be available on iTunes and Amazon etc,. you can also download it direct from my website www.tonypatterson.co.uk


PM. There's a rumour going around that you are planning some gigs with a band especially put together to play your own compositions, true or false?


TP. It's  something I'm currently looking at.


PM. What form would such events take?


TP.  Maybe as a support slot and festivals.


PM. Do you think that some of the songs from your new EP reflect a more (dare I say it) romantic side of you?


TP. Absolutely! there's nothing wrong with romance. It's something I've always avoided but this EP is very personal and honest and I wanted to say 'I love you' in some shape or form.


PM. Do you intend to record more songs in a similar style or return to more familiar territory ?


TP. I'd love to do more in this style. It's been a bit of a learning curve. There are several songs that didn't make it to the EP so I may develop them and bring out a full album in the future.


PM. Do you enjoy a self autonomous approach to writing and recording? 


TP. Yes, absolutely. I feel I'm the only one who can realise my ideas. I'm not very good at explaining what I want. When I get an idea going and there's just me, I have have the basic idea finished with guitars, keyboards and drums etc,. finished within an hour.


PM. What next?


TP. A few things are happening. I definitely want to do another project in this style. I've also got an idea for a kind of concept ambient-chill-out style album called 'The Lost Weekend' which I'd like to make a start on soon, as well as continuing the work with a certain Mr. Hackett.


PM. Known to many as a voice and to the minority as a musician, do you think that the songs on you new EP represents your most important work to date

In getting all of your musical talents recognised?


TP. Yes. Definitely, I wanted to avoid the Gabriel associations and go out on a limb with this. I definitely think it is some of my strongest solo work and I'm very proud of it.


PM. And what of other ventures?


TP. I'm venturing down to the pub soon.


PM. Is there still life in the old Prog yet?????


TP. Well, I'm still busy with SoGabriel and other projects so it's good to wear the prog hat now and then.


Thanks for talking Progmeister again Tony. Congratulations on a fine piece of work. We wish you all the best of luck. Will catch up with you soon for beer and chat.

Checkout Tony's new EP "All The World" available now as download from www.progmeister.com










4/1/2011 6:50:55 PM

The world really is in a sorry state at the moment isn't it? The whole of the Middle East seems to be on fire, the tragedy that has recently befallen Japan, the economy, the list goes on and on. Recent cuts in the arts budget concerns me a lot too. It is bad enough that local councils don't grit the roads or close public toilets to save money but when they axe the means by which we all escape from the humdrum it becomes even more depressing.

The new Leap Day album was sent to me the other day for review and whilst i was listening to it, it dawned on me that whist i was litening i was transported back to the 1970's and that i had totally forgotton about the current misery that mankind is faced with. No mean feat for a little known Dutch band methinks!

My point is this, never has there been a more important time to support bands in every way possible than now. In a world where stealing music via the internet is fast becoming the norm (bring back vinyl for all new recordings) the main source of income to many bands is to play live.

I think the recent cancellation of this years Nearfest is not only a tragedy but a sign of how tough things are in the present climate. It is up to us all as a music loving community to support bands in any way that we can and prevent yet another piece of our heritage disappear into the ether.

Where do we go to escape the current world crisis? Well, the answer is in your music collection. Put on a record or a CD and transport yourself to another dimention. Better still, if you can afford it get yourself along to a gig and emerse yourself in the shear escapism. Whilst you enjoy it though, remember on your return to Earth who gave you the means. Covet them, appreciate them and above all support them as best you can. Not only bands but the venues in which they play.

Prog, it might be all we have left........

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